how to swipe on instagram pc

How to swipe on Instagram pc?

Let’s start with social networks. It is the platform that allows the user to promote their business or use this platform for personal purposes. One of the most used social media platforms is “Instagram”. Instagram is an online mobile application. Users can use this application on their smartphone as well as on their PC or laptop.

On this platform, users can upload their photos and videos and share them with their fans, followers, family, and friends. It has some cool filter features for editing, adding subtitles, changing settings, and much more. If you are using Instagram on your PC, surely you want to know how to scroll left and right in the Instagram app? Be patient

A more detailed look at how to swipe an Instagram PC

While Instagram has one more left swipe feature, it is more similar to Stories on Snapchat and Instagram. Instagram only highlights a few features of the app. Supported and accessible features on various gadgets on Windows 10. For example, the user uploaded multiple images via Android or iOS in a single post on their Instagram feed. If you are using the Instagram app on Windows 10, your only option is to see the multiple images the user uploads to your feed in a single post. However, the question that arises is how you are going to slide your finger on the PC. ?? The following methods will help you answer this question.

Some methods to swipe left or right on PC

Here we share with you some possibilities that would be fruitful for you:

1st method

touch screen laptop swipe on pc

If you have a touch screen on your PC or laptop, do so using the trackpad. If you are using a trackpad, you will need to scroll with both fingers. Now swipe right or left to view multiple images on the PC that the user has uploaded to your feed. I hope it works for you. You don’t have to worry about the lack of a trackpad though, as there’s another way to switch between images as well.

2nd method

Now Instagram has an updated version. In this version, there is a left button and a right button that you can use to drag images to Instagram PC.

3rd method

The third option is another way the user can drag images onto the PC if they have a four-way scrolling mouse.


Hope this article solves the problem or question faced by many users. With the above methods, the user can now swipe on Instagram PC. Few people use this Instagram app on PC these days. Since this is an online mobile app, most of the users will use this app on their smartphones regardless of whether they are Android or iOS devices. Tell us, is it working?

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